Colexas Digital develops, deploys, and maintains SCADA systems for process industries. Our SCADA offering ensures improved operational performance that will improve safety, increase reliability, and enhance business outcomes. We are an Ignition Gold Partner.


Multi-Discipline Approach

SCADA brings together data from multiple sources, typically from a wide-range of equipment, assets, and facilities. The users of that data vary in their responsibilities significantly.

Operational users need remote access to their assets, functioning alaming systems, responsive access, and more to ensure they can do their job well. Business users need consistent, accurate information to inform their decision making, including cumulative reporting, real-time dashboards, and uptime analysis. Business users need to put dollars to the data coming in from the field or facility. Colexas supports all users of the SCADA system whether they are more focused on operational functionality or business outcomes.

Ignition Certified

SCADA Services



We provide all services needed for the initial design of a SCADA system. We develop all screens pulling in data from the field. All development is fully responsive across devices.



Once the system is in action, we can conduct any troubleshooting that will arise. This includes communication with devices and IT architecture. We can also provide new development on existing architectures or systems.



Our developers can produce nearly any report needed for operations or business objectives. Custom dashboards can report on specific assets, locations, and other levels. We can create real-time or static reports depending on your use-case.


We work with almost all SCADA platforms including, but not limited to:

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