Operational Technology

Our Operational Technology services include full field services and on-site set-up of equipment. Services include I&E, measurement, communications, and automation. We ensure all field programming is set-up correctly and troubleshoot any issues between your equipment and SCADA system.


Program Development

Our field-technicians are the "boots on the ground" team that compliment the systems engineering team. They work closely with the engineers to implement the program designed and connect to IT and SCADA resources. At Colexas, we develop custom programming and our technicians efficiently ensure all programing is implemented properly and working.

OT Site Services



On-site set-up of all equipment and instrumentation. We also do panel design and implementation including the electrical engineering and interface design.



Work with SCADA team to do final checkouts on data and alarming. Ensure all proper functions of equipment being controlled onsite with PLC. Troubleshoot hardware. I&E.


Operation & Maintenance

Technicians can perform on-going site troubleshooting and updates of hardware, communications, electrical, and other controls elements


We work with almost all hardware providers including, but not limited to:

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